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It's Finally Here!!!!

saxon564 UO posted Dec 9, 13
We have finally updated to 1.7 bukkit! With a world reset, meaning we are no longer raid, so it now no greifing or raiding. we have a new jobs plugin since the one we usually use broke with 1.7 and they show no signs of trying to update it. With this update there is some good news and some bad news both pertaining to staff for the server. The bad news is, due to unconfirmed reasons Physxtron will no longer be a part of Plebcraft in any way leaving me as the main owner, not that i wasnt filling that spot anyway ;), but on the other hand, we now have a moderator position open because i have promoted our most active and loyal player to Co-Owner. so congratulate Yeah on his promotion when you see him! I still have to do some work on the settings and test the new plugin to make sure everything works, but so far the server is up and running without any issues!

With all that said get back on the server and enjoy the account safety and land safety you now have!!!

Temporary Switch to Vanilla

saxon564 UO posted Nov 23, 13
To try and get people back on the server and stop the host from shutting us down i have made the executive decision to switch us to vanilla, this means that there are NO plugins at all. As for the argument that the host was lagging, most of the lag was from muti-verse. i do know that the lag suddenly got worse recently and i am not sure what the cause of that was, but im sure it was not the host. i plan on keeping the server vanilla until either a better idea comes up to draw people back, or bukkit 1.7 comes out.
Lately I have been lacking of getting on the server and doing what I am supposed to do. I was really busy with some IRL stuff, and I would like to apologize to all of our respected members.

I would like to thanks Saxon for all his work he has done. Saxon, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have been up and we would've been very late. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks a lot for the work you have done here at Plebcraft we all appreciate it.

I will try to get on the server and work on it as much as I could. Again I am deeply sorry for the high inactivity of mine and I promise all of you it won't happen again.


Update The Server!!!

saxon564 UO posted Oct 27, 13
Why aren't we updating the server yet?!?!

Minecraft 1.7 Update

Simply put, we do not use Mojangs Minecraft jars. This means that even though Minecraft 1.7 is out, that does not mean we can update. We have to wait for Bukkit to update which I expect will be a couple weeks away if they work their asses off to get it done. Since Mojang changed over 500,000 lines of code, it will not be a quick update for Bukkit and Forge. I will let you know a few days before hand when we are going to update.
Why is the Server Getting Shut Down???


Unless we can convince the host other wise, tomorrow (October 19, 2013) the server will be shut down. The reason behind this is currently unknown. We are trying to contact him at this time to try and negotiate a chance of keeping the server up a little longer to give a chance to get something figured out. Unfortunately due to time differences it is hard for me to talk to him because we are never on at the same time. Please be patient during the coming couple days as we try to work something out.
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